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 ONLINE EVENT | Oct 11-15, 2021

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Information that we will benefit from in our work
"It was an interesting selection of experts and a lot of information that we will benefit from in our work, especially for what we do with the testing of electric bikes for the European Commission."
Eva L. about Ebike Future Conference 2019
The content really useful!
"Myself and my colleagues enjoyed it and found the content to be really interesting and useful!"
Conrad A. about Ebike Future Conference 2019
Really interesting topics and good speakers
"Thank you for organizing the conference! It had really interesting topics and good speakers. I definitely enjoyed it! Kind regards and already looking forward to next year’s edition!"
Jorrit H. about Ebike Future Conference 2019

Our world-class speakers, representing different industries, and experiences, will share their passion, reveal their top knowledge and insights to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your business. 

Michael Barnard 
Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc, Canada
A Tale of Two Disruptions
The impact of electric bikes on transportation and cities. What will you do?
Kresimir Hlede
Chief Operating Officer of Greyp Bikes, Croatia
Android for e-bikes - the vision and reality of an e-bike connected future 
How the technology behind the world´s first always connected electric bike will shape the future of the product and the market. Greyp creates a platform for always connected, user oriented, blockchain enabled, smart and sustainable riding experience. 
Scott Montgomery
President and Founder of CrankTank, USA
Interview: E-bike trends hitting US 
Discussion about waking up of ebike market, entering of new players, growth of the direct to customer shift, post COVID changes, digital marketing in bike business, and much more... 
Thorsten Heckrath-Rose
Managing director at ROSE Bikes GmbH, Germany
The radical digital transformation of ROSE Bikes 
The development of ROSE from a stationary retailer to the digital leader in the bike industry and how ROSE manages the radical changes which are neccessary to constantly transform the business.
Don DiCostanzo
Co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes, USA
Making great electric bikes is just the beginning
How values of Pedego Electric Bikes shaped the growth of the best and biggest electric bike brand in America. Electric bike future, market growth and challenges for the industry.
Richard Chen
Vice general manager of ASK Bicycles, China
China Boost for the E-bike Future
The current status and future trend of the E-bike industry, particularly in China
Romain Erny 
Director of Mobility and Space  of Choose Paris Region, France
Join the Paris Region e-mobility revolution 
The post-pandemic era is changing the way people move in the Paris Region. People have been forced to re-think the way they move, much to the benefit of bikes and e-bikes. Discover how the city and the region lead the e-mobility revolution and how it supports the bike businesses coming to the area. The right time to enter is now! 
Alec Lim 
Co-founder/CEO of Beno Technologies, Singapore
Spokes are so last-year 
Different approach to ebike design and funcionality. How we created the Hubless E-Bike with Style, Security and Safety for the Modern Urban Cyclist. 
Naroa Coretti Sanchéz 
Research Assistant and master's candidate in the MIT Media Lab City Science group, USA
Vision of the future mobility in human-centric cities 
The MIT Media Lab City Groups´ vision for mobility in the future of cities. The key role of lightweight electric vehicles such as autonomous e-bikes to create more human-centric, vibrant, and livable cities.
Daniel Frintz 
Transportation Designer at Focus Bikes, Germany
Designing and creating e-bikes as systems, not as a random part assembly
Going from a bike to e-bike changes everything. Designing needs a different design approach now and in the future. 
Ed Benjamin
Founder and chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, USA
Save time in product development, business planning, and worldwide sourcing 
Best practices of developing your Light Electric Vehicle business faster - How to Shorten Your Learning and Network Development Time by Years. What works now?!
Danielle Cheng
Brand strategy and long-term partnership development at OKAI, China
What have we learned from 888+ Million shared Trips?
The story of our mission to make the best looking; most sustainable and safest smart vehicle to contribute in the conveniency for users and operators in daily transportation.
Niklas Etzel
Co-Founder of Experify, Switzerland
How to sell electric bikes without expensive showrooms?
Leveraging your network of existing customers to provide real-life experiences
Rafael Gil-Perez
Brand Manager at Forestal, Andorra
The secrets of an unimaginable e-bike and brand
The story how Forestal Syrion came to life - take control, add value, gain speed, do the extraordinary. Don´t do what everybody else does. 
Peter Bilik
Smart Industry Solution Designer at ANASOFT, Slovakia
The Future Will Be Customized Also in Ebike Industry
Changes in the demanding, personalized market and technological advancements lead to new ways and forms of logistics and manufacturing. Software intelligence and digital twin technology enable a shift from mass standardization to mass customization, providing personalized user experiences around each client. Can the model of smart hyper-personalized manufacturing be applied to the ebike industry, and how?
Louis-P Huard
Co-founder at Boréal Bikes | Co-organizer of Cyclehack Berlin, Germany
Empowering the connected rider 
How can we improve road safety for all vulnerable road users with the use of state-of-the-art technology in AI-native bikes - active safety and AI-enabled low latency mobile applications for micro-mobility
Simon Fellin
CEO at Teleport Mobility, Sweden
eBike batteries - our industry's original sin
While micro-mobility is surely the way to create a sustainable urban transport system, the way our industry handles batteries is far from perfect. Teleport is creating an open-source, swappable battery standard for electric bikes and scooters to help remedy this.
Michael Mueller
Managing Director ISOCO Plastics Technology GmbH, Germany
V-frames: Fully-automated production of Carbon Composite frames in 90 seconds in Germany will change the frame production industry
Cutting-edge European injection molding technology allows creating the world's most environmentally friendly 100% recyclable bike frames with a 50% reduction of CO2 footprint, capable of just-in-time production anywhere in the world.
Jakub Ditrich
Head of delegation for 4210-1 at ISO, Czech Republic
Current development of e-bike legislation in EU
Things on the move not to be missed for doing a better business
Stefan Ceman
Founder and CEO of Ebike Steve Inc., Slovakia/USA
E-bike future 2021 - 2030
Converging today's technologies and market demand can radically change the e-bike business by creating benefits for customers and companies. It's coming faster than you think. 
Our world-class speakers are not just industry insiders; they are industry creators. This is your chance to learn from the masters, but it's also an opportunity to have your thinking challenged. 
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You Don’t Even Need To Leave Your House — Attend From Your Computer, Phone or Tablet
There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family.
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Stefan Ceman
Ebike rider & Business Enthusiast 
Hi, I’m Steve.

I am an electric bike business fanatic, looking forward to the near future of mass customized, super personalized, 3D printed, extra-smart ebikes, AI driven sales processes, and outstanding customer services. 

I am a formal pro mountain bike racer, engineer, ebike business owner. I created a business model, based on which was made the world's first 3D printed enduro e-bike (kinazo e1). I also train small businesses on how to sell, service, and rent more electric bikes. 

My mission is to help create a better ebike future - both for riders and businesses. 

New technology is shaping the future already. We have to take this advantage and create great things. The right time is now. Let's do it! 

If you are ready to put in the work, I'm here to show you the way.
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