ONLINE CONFERENCE  | Oct 11-13, 2022

ONLINE EXPO  | Oct 11-Nov 1, 2022


Join the world’s brightest minds in ebike business and technology to learn, share secrets and connect online. For three days on 11-13 October 2022, our fourth annual Ebike Future Conference & Expo will stream information, consisting of relevant speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help take your business to the next level. This year includes a 22-day virtual expo, so check out the booths of the top players in the industry. This fantastic ebike business event will bring you closer to leading people and companies than ever before from the comfort of your home or office. Join now so that you don´t miss out! 










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  • ​BONUS: Instant Access to 15 Special Presentations from Ebike Future Conference 2021, 2020, 2019 - 4 Hours of Great On-Demand Content 

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  • 3-DAY FULL Access
  • ​Full 1-Year Replay Pass to All Presentations
  • ​Access to EXPO AREA
  • ​Access to Special LIVE Sessions - Q&As, Panel Discussions
  • ​Access to Networking Events
  • ​MP3 Audio Book of the Conference 
  • ​Executive Summary
  • ​Private Members Area 
  • ​Email Support 
  • ​BONUS: Instant Access to 15 Special Presentations from Ebike Future Conference 2021, 2020, 2019 - 4 Hours of Great On-Demand Content 
  • Trends and Market Data - we will speak about what is hot in the ebike business, and show you information to make better strategic decisions 
  • ​Ebike Opportunity Information - ebikes are becoming more popular all over the world, there is opportunity everywhere - from complete ebikes, to components, or software 
  • ​Technology and Innovation - see the behind the scenes of newest ebike technology and innovation 
  • R&D and Design - new developments and technologies are constantly making their way into the market. In this section, you will find out about the latest developments and technologies
  • ​Mobility and Sustainability - The idea of mobility is changing. There’s a new way of thinking about how we move that is more sustainable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly
  • ​Production - As the electric bike industry grows and diversifies, there is a huge variety of new ideas and products in terms of how bikes can be made. We’re also seeing a number of new companies entering the scene. 
  • Drive Systems and Batteries - The electric bike drive system is the most important part of an electric bike with biggest innovation potential  
  • Sales and Services - There are some really interesting new companies coming onto the market, with new sales and service models  
  • ​N​ew Business Models - The e-bike market is rapidly expanding, and it's bringing with it a new set of business models
  • ​Smart Cities and New Technologies - A new generation of smart cities is emerging, with big data, driverless cars and electric bikes all making an impact
  • ​Future Trends - Let´s go crazy with new production, sales, services methods for the better ebike future 
  • ​And much much more ... 
visit the VIRTUAL expo

Visit our new Virtual Expo and see the top players in the industry right now. Expo will be LIVE for 22 days from October 11 to November 1. 

Expose your company to top customers - ebike business owners, managers, but also newcomers. Showcase your company, products and services to thousands of attendees with very smooth experience. 

If you are a company, you can exhibit by purchasing the Company Premium Ticket (Booth is included), or you can buy a separate Booth. 

Get your digital booth now

  • Worldwide Easy Access - no matter if you are from Europe, USA, Australia, China, India or other parts of the world. Everybody has the same access to the event. With our replay options, you don´t need to stay awake at night, you can watch the program in your optimal time 
  • ​Save time and money - No need to travel, book hotels, stress out and have other complications. Join from the comfort of your home or office
  • ​Fraction of the cost of an in-person ticket
  • ​Covid-19 Free - You can´t get coronavirus in the online environment, you don´t need to wash your hands, have any other restrictions 
  • ​Go Green and save CO2 - Save the environment by not travelling, not staying at the hotel, not printing papers or any of the old-school stuff 
  • ​More Value for Exhibitors - Be effective - exhibit with modern technology and get more new leads. Don´t waste the time of your employees saying the same things all over again. Do it with a one-time recorded video 
  • Front row seat view - watch the speakers as if you were right in front of them. Have the best view and the best sound
  • ​Learn on-demand - browse content at your own pace and select only the topics, speakers and presentations that you want 
  • ​Time effective - you don´t need to sit at the conference the whole day. You can be at the launch, but after that the presentations will be available for watching later 
  • ​More Effective Networking - don´t waste your time running between personal meetings, booths, workshops. Just agree on the best time online and connect. 
  • Visit the Expo and connect  and do business with the best companies in the space - you are not limited by time - Expo will be open for more than 3 weeks! 
  • ​Implement what you learn immediately - there is no need to travel and wait when everything is over. Work and implement immediately. 

Our world-class speakers, representing different industries, and experiences, will share their passion, reveal their top knowledge and insights to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your business. 

Our speakers are not just industry insiders; they are industry creators. This is your chance to learn from the masters, but it's also an opportunity to have your thinking challenged. 

The full 2022 line-up of 50+ speakers and power players will blow your mind!

Adam Micklin
Director of Sales - eMobility at Accelerated Systems Inc., Canada
Judith Häberli
Co-Founder and CEO, Urban Connect AG, Switzerland
Bastian Dietz
Director Global Business Development at SQlab, Germany
Mark Yeramian
Co-Founder at, Canada
Ibrahim Jilani
Global Director & Industry Leader for Consumer Technology at UL Solutions, USA
Nithesh Pushparaj
Co-Founder/ CEO at TAV Systems, Australia
Alex Nesic
Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, USA
Stefan Sinnegger
Co-Founder and General Manager at PowUnity, Austria
Ben Morris
CEO and Founder at Coaster Cycles, USA
Jonathon Nunan
Australia's Leading Cycling & Mobility Industries Specialist Market Expert at Better Bike Business, Australia
Susan Gautsch
Founding Owner & CEO of Free To Roam eBiking, USA
Tomi Viiala
Co CEO at MyStromer AG, Switzerland
Ravindra Kempaiah
Founder of Zen Electric Bikes, Canada
Joshua Hon
Founder and Team Captain at Tern Bicycles, Taiwan
Jürgen Sahtel
Partnerships & Project Manager at ATOM Mobility, Latvia
Roland Riedel
Director of Advanced Development at Brose Group, Germany
Rodrigo Oliveira
Founder of Green Mining, Brazil
Reese Brown
President at RDB Events, CCSAA Executive Director, USA
Alex Thusbass
Managing Director at Kiska Munich, Germany
Trey Hahn
Founder of Bicycle User Experience (BUX), Netherlands
Kevin McLaughlin
CEO at Zygg, Canada
Angelos Chatziangelidis
Automotive Engineer Student with Powertrain and Business Management Specialisation, Netherlands
Asif Shakeel
Founder and CEO of Strictly Ebikes, USA
Hans-Peter Kleebinder
Founder of and Director of Studies Smart Mobility Management at the University of St. Gallen, Germany
The Inja
Founder of The Inja and Build Your Dream, USA
Mael Bosson
Co-founder & Director at eBikeLabs, France
Andrew Fleury
Chief Executive Officer at Luna Systems, Ireland
Johny Smith
CMO at Velco, IoT solutions for e-Bikes, France
Stefano Niero
Vehicles Product Manager at Wunder Mobility, Germany
Duilly Cicarini
Founder & CEO at BikeHero, Brazil
Rama Sreenivasan
CEO and Co-founder at Blitzz, USA
Alex Hamberger
Director Of Strategic Accounts at Blitzz, USA
Rahul Malhotra
Head of Group Brand Strategy & Stewardship for Shell, Singapore
Niklas Etzel
Co-Founder of Experify, USA
Aaron Powell
Founder & CEO at Bunch Bikes, USA
Morten Rynning 
CEO and founder of CityQ, Norway
Frederic Poppenhäger 
Founder of Radiate Engineering & Design AG, Switzerland
David Reed 
Founder & CEO at Sustainable Mobility Consulting (SMC), USA
Teet Praks 
CEO & Co-Founder of Comodule, Estonia
Ali Kazemkhani
Founder and CEO at ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC., Canada
Frank Aldorf
Bike Industry Expert, Germany
Jacques Bonneville
Co-Founder of GAYA Bike, France
Asbjoerk S. Mogensen
Chief Executive Officer at BikedeZign, USA
Kellyann Davis
Director of Research for the Outdoor Industry Association, The Outdoor Foundation, and the CCSAA, USA
Jean-Rene Bouvier
COO at eBikeLabs, France
Andreas Gahlert 
Consultant for Digital Transformation and Connectivity at Neue Digitale GmbH, Germany
Michael DeVisser
Founder & CEO at OHM Cycles, Canada
Bertrand Barré
CEO at Groupe Zebra, France
Tiemen ter Hoeven
Founder & CEO at Roetz-Bikes, Netherlands
Stefan Ceman
Founder & CEO of Ebike Steve, Inc. and host of Ebike Future Conference
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Stay tuned! We reveal more speakers every week!


Here is just a small sample of 70+ great people and experts who spoke in the past at the Ebike Future Conference. 

Claudia Wasko
General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas, USA
Kresimir Hlede
Chief Operating Officer at Greyp Bikes, Croatia
Julie Kronstrøm Carton
Co-Founder of MATE.BIKE, Denmark
Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen
COO / Co-owner BIKEDEZIGN and winner of 250 innovation and award designs in bike industry, USA
Sven Bernhardt
Head of Sales Comodule, Germany
Neil Macc
Chief Revenue Officer at Beeline Connect, Inc., USA
Alexa Cunningham
PRO Marketing Manager at Shimano Europe Group, Netherlands
Richard Chen
Vice General Manager at ASK Bicycles, China
Danielle Cheng
Brand strategy and long-term partnership development at OKAI, China
Sean Lupton-Smith
Founder (& devoted father) - Electric Bike Company®️, USA
Wiener Mondesir
Co-Founder & CTO at Arevo, California, USA
Mina Nada
CEO and co-founder at Zoomo, Australia
Hannes Neupert
President of, Germany
Thorsten Heckrath-Rose
Managing Director at ROSE Bikes, Germany
Ash Lovell
Electric Bicycle Policy & Campaign Director at PeopleForBikes, USA
Alec Lim
Co-Founder/CEO at Beno Technologies, Singapore
Michael Mueller
Managing Director at ISOCO Plastics Technology, Germany
Don DiCostanzo
Co-Founder at Pedego Electric Bikes, USA
Amir Mekhalfia
Founder & CEO at Fiil Bikes, United Kingdom
Otto Chrons
CEO, co-founder at Revonte, Finland
Mark Robotham
CEO at Manta5, New Zealand
Romain Erny
Director of Mobility and Space at Choose Paris Region, France
Kevin Mayne
Chief Executive Officer at Cycling Industries Europe, Belgium
Michael Barnard
Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc, Canada
Rafael Gil-Perez
Brand Manager at Forestal, Andorra
Naroa Coretti Sanchez
Research Assistant and master´s candidate at MIT Media Lab City Science group, USA
Francesco Di Biase
CEO & Founder of WES World e-Bike Series, Monaco
Guillaume Le Berre
Managing Director at Pragma Industries, France
Our world-class speakers are not just industry insiders; they are industry creators. This is your chance to learn from the masters, but it's also an opportunity to have your thinking challenged. 
Attend a "3-day Masterclass": Learn the strategies, systems and insider secrets used by the top ebike business experts across every major business channel. Get access to hours of hyper-focused speeches, exclusive interviews, and in-depth panels covering ebike busines and tech's hottest topics.
Meet the industry elite, network with thousands of ebike business owners, managers, employees, but also brands, entrepreneurs and founders. You will get to experience: Live Speaker Q&A Sessions - Get your questions answered by the experts, Live Networking Mixers - Niche networking with likeminded people that have solutions to problems you’re looking to solve, and possibilities of 1-on-1 networking. 
Get more global leads: Forge valuable, long-lasting connections with industry-leading people from across the world. Really want to make a splash? Get an Ebike Future Expo Booth and secure your company prime real estate in the Ebike Future Marketplace. Expose your company to the top ebike businesses, brand owners, and other people. 
Show your company and your products at the Ebike Future Expo. For 22 days your products and services will be visible to the global professional audience. Expose your company to the top audience and make new global business connections and sales. 

If you are an attendee, check out the exhibition and learn about the top players in the industry. And do business with the exhibiting companies. 

Jorrit Heidbuchel 

Thank you for organizing the conference! It had really interesting topics and good speakers. I definitely enjoyed it! Kind regards and already looking forward to next year’s edition!

Azime Ak

I would like to state that all conferences that I could follow (since I had a free pass, I missed some of them, unfortunately) were very satisfying in terms of subject and content. I am about to be a brand new entrepreneur in this business. As a "new kid on the block" I can say that you guys have conducted sessions that provide great data and inspiration more importantly. I even came up with new ideas that I am working on with passion now. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I am already looking forward to the next one. 

Niklas Etzel

I really like the speaker portfolio that you have at the conference - many great people from the industry with good insights!    

Trixie Koch

I didn't get to watch all of the sessions, but the ones that I did I felt were very information-packed and interesting. There were lots of different aspects addressed, different segments of the market represented, some very practical advice and concise takeaways, as well as some forward-looking inspiration...all in all a very useful conference and one I look forward to growing and engaging with every year! Well done! 

Conrad Allum

Myself and my colleagues enjoyed it and found the content to be really interesting and useful!

Mark Bowler

I thought the conference was great and as someone new to e-bikes it helped me get a better idea of the concept and the global market for e-bikes.   

Michael Barnard

This conference is important. Enjoy it. Take care.

Sagar Mehra

It's a great platform for learning. Thanks!


Hello, the session I saw gave me very good overview where ebike industry is moving and also it help me to understand more the other areas involved like connectivity/iot.   

Annika DuPree

I really enjoyed the conference and found helpful information relevant to my job.  

Jose Aleman

I was very impressed with the participants knowledge and expertise!!!!!  


In general very good, very interesting and unique to have access and listen to these industry professionals you would not normally have a chance to meet and listen to.  

Volker Dohrmann

Overall I liked the conferences, both the presentation of a subject by individual speakers and the dicussion among 4-5 participants. You have invited authentic experts and not the marketing department or an agency. That was very refreshing. My favorite session was on 3D design (Asbjoerk Stanly Morgensen a.k.a. Brian Hoehl) and the 4 ladies (Karla, Isabell, Heike and Alexa). 

Cj Knight

Way more informative and valuable than expected. Beautifully thought out and arrange categories of information. Will gladly spend time going through all several time for myself and with those I want to inspire. Thanks you for this super valuable amount of material. You have given me a vast amount of value and much of which I would not have had time to glean on my own. Thank you!  

Ingrid Eftodi

Great to listen and to be able to listen the next day in your own time. Looking forward to listen next year! Great job! Thank you for all your hard work to invite and to hold this econference.

Vishwas Mehta

Overall conference is good for me and my company growth.  

Jakub Ditrich

Very informative and good drive.. keep it on.   

Bill Simmons

I found the conference very interesting and informative, especially some of the marketing information.


You did an outstanding job securing and presenting a number of diffevendors and perspectives. Excellent work! 

Benjamin Legaspi

Liked it so much. Keep it up. See you next time.


I thought the conference was exceptionally well run and organised and would definitely recommend to anyone who is serious about learning and upskilling on the e-bike industry. 

Scott Fleming

The Ebike Future conference was fantasic and I will be signing up again next year.  

David Wood

The conference was informative and the presenters knew their subject matter. Overall, a worthwhile conference.  

Eva L.

It was an interesting selection of experts and a lot of information that we will benefit from in our work, especially for what we do with the testing of electric bikes for the European Commission.  
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