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October 26-30, 2020

Ebike Future Conference brings together the people and companies redefining the global electric bike industry and creating the ebike business's future. Innovators, disruptors, business people, enthusiasts. 

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Come to learn what leaders behind the latest innovations and big players in the world of ebikes are facing. Come to benefit from this knowledge. The packed lineup of world-class speakers will guarantee that you would get the latest information to stay ahead of the game.

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Daily schedule starts at 3 PM UTC
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The conference will be held ALL ONLINE. Our event platform makes the experience easy, enjoyable, and works on your computer, phone, or tablet.

The conference will be five days but don´t worry; you don´t have to sit for whole days in front of the computer. 

The schedule will be approximately two hours per day so that you don´t get overwhelmed and get the max out of it. So you can plan your time. 

Everybody can find this amount of time for learning. 
These world-class speakers, representing different industries, and experiences, will share their passion, reveal their top knowledge and insights to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your business. Our speakers are not just industry insiders; they are industry creators. Ebike Future Conference is a chance to learn from the masters, but it's also an opportunity to have your thinking challenged. 

Don DiCostanzo (USA) is Co-Founder of Pedego Electric Bikes, the very best and biggest electric bike brand in America. After 30 years in the automotive world, Don started an electric bicycle shop in Newport Beach, California. This was a labor of love. Over time, he developed an interest in electric cycling and tried to find quality electric bikes for his bicycle shop. His frustration with existing suppliers led him to contact his friend and future Pedego partner Terry Sherry. In 2008, the two men co-founded Pedego Electric Bikes, where quality, innovation, and customer service are among the top core values of the company.
"When Pedego was born in 2008, their goal was to be the very best
electric bike brand in America, not necessarily the biggest. Today they are both."
Ed Benjamin (USA) is an Light Electric Vehicle industry expert, founder and chairman of the LEVA - Light Electric Vehicle Association, and other organizations. He is a veteran of the USA bicycle industry, who is traveling more than 200 days per year to visit factories, retailers, distributors and consumers. Ed has extensive experience in product development and sourcing from all over the World. Ed also participates  as a speaker at international LEV related conferences in the EU, USA, and Asia. He owned 4 retail bicycle shops in Florida. After falling 
in love with his first electric bike, he Launched a 26 year career consulting in electric bikes and their components. He is also teaching people to become Electric Bike Certified Technicians.

Krešimir Hlede (Croatia) is a COO of Greyp Bikes (the brainchild of the people behind the Rimac Automobili), which produced the first fully conected electric bike on the market and is becoming a "Android for e-bikes" platform for future connected LEV services. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from IEDC. He has built his career in the top management of manufacturing organizations in various industries over the last 15 years. He joined Greyp in the early days and has been a driver in building a small department into a medium-size company with all necessary corporate functions. Today, he is responsible for the overall company growth and performance. Greyp is now more of a software company and has probably the largest software & electronics development team in the whole industry. 
Niklas Etzel (Switzerland) is Co-Founder of Experify, an Experiental Marketing company that is spearheading the wave of next-level authentic product experiences. Experify connects potential customers of a brand with existing owners nearby. Undecided customers can thereby experience the e-bike in real-life and gain a more convincing product experience.  By activating existing customers as multipliers, brands instantly increase their presence in new markets without hundreds of showrooms or extensive retail networks. And make the whole world their showroom.  

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose (Germany), business economist and managing director at ROSE Bikes GmbH. Thorsten works for ROSE since 2001 and is responsible for product & brand, logistics and bike production. The main focus is strengthening the bike portfolio, developing connectivity features for the bikes and making ROSE the most desired bike brand in Germany. In 2020, ROSE launches 10 new bike platforms which are all representing the new bike design DNA.
Daniel Frintz (Germany) is an Transportation Designer working at Focus Bikes. His design expertise is going in the development process of the product portfolio. Also he is shaping an overall brand identity from an designpoint of view. Before that he created the concept of Canyon Orbiter - fully electric bicycle concept - the low wear, low maintenance ride is intended for gravity biking in an urban environment, and packs serious electromagnetic suspension, with compression dampening. The angular bike takes canyon bicycles`s design DNA to the future to create a ride perfectly adapted for gravity biking in an urban setting. 
Michael Barnard
Michael Barnard (USA) is the Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc. He is a technology strategy consultant working with existing organizations, startups and investors. He has held leadership positions in North America, Asia and Latin America and brings a global point of view. A pragmatic optimist, he uses insights from engineering, science and behavioral economics to determine strong go-forward options and actionable decision making. He publishes regularly in multiple outlets on innovation, business, technology and policy. As editor of The Future is Electric he tracks key global trends in innovation, business and technology. As editor of designing for health he publishes at the intersection of the built environment, communicable diseases and climate change . He regularly publishes in sites including Newsweek, Slate, Forbes, Huffington Post, Quartz, CleanTechnica and RenewEconomy. 
Scott Montgomery (USA) has over three decades of experience in the bike and outdoor industries. He is a former CEO of Reynolds Cycling, Nutcase helmets, Club Ride Apparel, Scott Sports. He started to build Cannondale company with his father when he was 11. He specializes in managing businesses. He builds brands at a reasonable cost, raises funds when needed, locates the talent to innovate exciting product lines, and integrates eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales. In 2016 he founded CrankTank to provide brands with the tools they need to reach their business goals. 

Wiener Mondesir (USA) is co-founder/CTO of AREVO, based in Silicon Valley, California. He has 20 years experience spanning multiple business functions including software development, marketing, sales, and operations for companies like Cisco, Intel and National Semiconductor. He is a veteran of several startups, including Mediamatics and Parama Netoworks where he was part of founding engineering team. He has an M.B.A from Kellogg School of Management and B.S. Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. They started Superstrata - The Planet’s First True Unibody Carbon Fiber eBicycle. In his spare time enjoys traveling, running and building lego robots with his kids.
Rafael Gil-Perez Redondo
Rafael Gil-Pérez (Andorra) is Brand Manager and member of the Board of Directors at Forestal in Andorra.
Having joined this ambitious project from the early beginning, he is responsible for the creation of the Forestal Brand regarding its identity within all its mission, vision, values and philosophy, as well as defining the brand´s positioning in the market. Today Forestal is being recognised as benchmark for innovation in the high-performance bike scene due to its “all made in-house” premise as well as for the technologies being developed by its Team. He has a good experience in the bike industry as he used to work both for the Product and Marketing for another recognised bike brand. 
Rafael (Rafa) is an Engineer who shifted towards the business world and obtained Masters’ Degree in both Marketing and Product Management. He still collaborates with the Business Schools he used to study by participating as a teacher in MBA’s and Executives.
Alec Lim (Singapore)  is a Co-founder/CEO of Beno Technologies. As a product designer and an avid cyclist, Alec always found passion in introducing innovative design elements in bikes. In 2016, Alec rejected a dream job offer at Shimano, and co-founded Beno Technologies with the goal of pioneering e-bike innovation and creating the perfect e-bike for the modern urban cyclist. Reevo is the result of that dream - an innovative hubless e-bike brought to life by a team of 11 experienced engineers and manufacturing specialists, featuring the signature Hubless E-Drive and Triple-Barrier Antitheft systems.
Romain Erny (France) leads the Paris Region’s consulting practice for the urban mobility and new space sectors. He has 10+ years of experience advising companies looking to expand and plug into the regional ecosystem. He specializes in growth strategy, go-to-market, public-private partnerships. Before joining Choose Paris Region, Romain worked for the economic development agency of Eastern France and the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation of Quebec, Canada. Romain holds a master’s degree in marketing from Grenoble IAE Graduate School of Management. He regularly participates in conferences about the future of transportation, the space industry, innovation, entrepreneurship and French business practices.
coming ...
We will be annoucing more speakers every week. 
coming ...
We will be annoucing more speakers every week. 
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Ebike Future Conference was the first global online electric bike business conference on the planet. It took part online on November 26, 2019. We had these fantastic speakers on topics like disruption, exponential technologies, business, and electric bikes: 

President of ExtraEnergy and Global E-bike expert
Co-Founder of Cannondale and Cranktank
Co-Founder of IPA SK, Business Coach and Innovator
Designer and co-creator of first 3D printed ebike 
CTO of Arevo - 3D printing electric bikes from Carbon
Founder of the first World eBikes Series - WES racing 
Ex - Senior Account Strategist, Google EMEA
CEO and co-founder of Revonte, open e-bike solutions
Co-Founder of, The biggest ebike crowdfunding campaign 
Co-creator of the first commercially available fuel-cell electric bike
Creating Smart Cities with the Responsive Urban Mobility
Ebike enthusiast, business insider, ebike business model creator 


"I've had a look through the videos. Very informative insights! You are really touching upon highly relevant topics there."

Niklas E.

"It was an interesting selection of experts and a lot of information that we will benefit from in our work, especially for what we do with the testing of electric bikes for the European Commission."

Eva L.

"Thank you for organizing the conference! It had really interesting topics and good speakers. I definitely enjoyed it! Kind regards and already looking forward to next year’s edition!"

Jorrit H. 

"Myself and my colleagues enjoyed it and found the content to be really interesting and useful!"

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