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Block 1
Hannes Neupert
State of the global Pedelec market and technology - where does it go?
Market drivers in the past, today and key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles which will drive the next 10 years of Innovations!
Ján Košturiak
Disrupt or be disrupted 
We have to change our business models and knowledge faster than the changes in our environment are happening. Transformation trends and disruptive technologies that we can use as our competitive advantage or destroy our business will be presented.
Juraj Stankay
Can we predict future with Google data?
How can you draw insights and generate ideas from users search behaviour and adapt those to your business.
Block 2
Guillaume Le Berre
The world´s first commercial-grade fuel cell Pedelec has trippled the range
The first commercially available electrically assisted bike with a fuel cell (FC-Pedelec) is here. Why hydrogen fuel cell bikes offers significant advantages over electric battery bikes in terms of both range and refuelling. 
Otto Chrons
Is your next e-bike connected, flexible, open and automatic?
Revonte is leading the e-bike industry to a digital era with an always connected, fully customizable and open e-bike solution. Combined with fully automatic transmission, this will take user experience to the next level. Digitalization will positively impact manufacturers, dealers and third parties as well.
Hannes Neupert:
Technical standards - driver or threshold for market success and innovation
IEC, ISO, CEN and CENELEC standards on Pedelecs and other LEV’s. They can accelerate market acceptance and drive the user benefits, but as well they can lead to monopolization of the market and reduced competition. Hannes Neupert will explain where we are after 7 years of Standardization work and more years to come.
Block 3
Patrik Paul
Designing without limits
3D printing offers freedom for design creativity, enables the production of individually customized products, and produces things that traditional methods could not handle. The journey of the world's first 3D printed enduro ebike.
Wiener Mondesir
A-REVO-LUTION in manufacturing
How technology enables direct digital additive manufacturing of ultra-strong, lightweight composite parts for end use applications in high volume. We are leading 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing.
Francesco di Biase
Electric sports can be more spectacular and exciting than traditional ones
The man behind the World e-Bike Serie (WES), the first of it's kind anywhere in the world will show us how it is bringing together leading riders in ultimate locations to elevate performance and support the industry in creating a brand new sporting discipline. WES sees selected top-level international racers battle it out in different countries throughout its historic inaugural season.
Block 4
Julie Kronstrøm Carton
How the World´s coolest eBike came to life
The vision and the story behind the worlds most successful crowdfunding ebike campaign which raised more than USD 22 million. By making eBikes cool, sexy, practical, and affordable, our goal is to take biking global and get "more miles on a bike." 
Monique Harmsen
Responsive Urban Mobility: data and the future of (e-)bike parking
The unescapable development of the Smart City enables the development of sensor- and AI-based solutions to stimulate the use of sustainable modes of transportation. Monique Harmsen will talk about the world’s first Bicycle Route Information System and the implications for data management and (e-)bike parking.
Scott Montgomery
The future of eBike marketing
Using modern marketing assets to find, then engage and then sell to new consumers.
Stefan Ceman
Dream ebikes. Huge sales. Exceptional service.
Why today's ebike companies and sellers don't give enough value to the rider and even to themselves. What business models can handle this and who can beat the hungry market? 
These world-class speakers, representing different industries, and experiences, will share their passion, reveal their top knowledge and insights to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your business. Our speakers are not just industry insiders; they are industry creators.Ebike Future Conference is a chance to learn from the masters, but it's also an opportunity to have your thinking challenged. 

Hannes Neupert is the President of He built his first LEV as a 9-year-old in 1982 and since then has spent much of his life promoting the electric bicycle industry. He also is the co-founder of, and recognized stakeholder in multiple international political and Standardization institutions like IEC, ISO, CEN, CENELEC, DIN, DKE, IEA TCP... He believes that muscle-electric vehicles will play a role in the future of the world helping to improve some of the major issues the human race is facing: a shift towards healthy active mobility, renewable energy and cut traffic congestion.
Scott has over three decades of experience in the bike and outdoor industries. He is a former CEO of Reynolds Cycling, Nutcase helmets, Club Ride Apparel, Scott Sports. He started to build Cannondale company with his father when he was 11. He specializes in managing businesses. He builds brands at a reasonable cost, raises funds when needed, locates the talent to innovate exciting product lines, and integrates eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales. In 2016 he founded CrankTank to provide brands with the tools they need to reach their business goals. 
Jan began to develop innovations at Fraunhofer, Europe's largest applied research company, where he worked on simulation system development and disruptive innovations. He is a co-founder of IPA Slovakia and Entrepreneurial University, biker and innovator, involved in many projects for companies as Fraunhofer, Johns Manville, Embraco, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Danfoss, Leoni, Rodenstock, Fosfa, Linet, and more. He has also lectured and published in the Czech republic, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, UK, Austria, India, Poland, China and other countries. 
CEO and cofounder of Paul+Murin creative and Kinazo Design. Graduated at Technical University of Architecture. Visionary, architect, Brand designer and creative art director. Proposes brands and packaging design for significant Czech and Slovak companies, creates a complete design and brand strategy for bike brand KELLYS Bicycles. Also developed a groundbreaking model of electric bike Kinazo e1. Results of his company contributed to the penetration of slovak products to international markets. He believes in power of unique design. He loves a wide range of sports, especially basketball, mountain biking, skiing, hiking.
Wiener Mondesir is co-founder/CTO of AREVO, based in Silicon Valley, California. He has 20 years experience spanning multiple business functions including software development, marketing, sales, and operations for companies like Cisco, Intel and National Semiconductor. He is a veteran of several startups, including Mediamatics and Parama Netoworks where he was part of founding engineering team. He has an M.B.A from Kellogg School of Management and B.S. Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. In his spare time enjoys traveling, running and building lego robots with his kids.
CEO & FOUNDER of WES World e-Bike Series. Francesco has a wealth of experience across in sports marketing, event management, and communication gained from 15+ years working within the sports industry. Not only has he spent much of this time consulting to companies like Magneti Marelli, E-Motion and Platinium Group, but he has also mastered his trade by working with the major players and industry leaders through his company Slash ( Since the outset of his career, he has been extremely passionate about the use of new technology and media in supporting new businesses to launch and effectively market their products and services through these innovative tools. Francesco graduated in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and has since studied at the London Business School.
Juraj is an experienced professional and consultant with strong 13+ years track record in international business development, sales and management consulting. He is passionate about the way technology, data and storytelling can drive business impact. For the past 8 years Juraj has worked at Google CEE as an Industry manager for technology and export, helping transform and drive business for global companies from the CEE region.
Otto is the CEO and co-founder of Revonte, a Finnish startup building next generation e-bike drive systems and services. As a serial entrepreneur he has worked in multiple startups and companies in various roles from technology to business development, from leading software teams to raising venture capital. Specialties: innovation, thinking out-of-the-box, strategic planning, technology-marketing, cloud-, mobile- and web-technologies and business models.Revonte's groundbreaking new drive system, Revonte ONE, makes software a first class citizen in e-bikes, providing new features, services and business opportunities for the whole e-bike industry. Revonte is on a mission to truly bring e-bikes to the digital era.
Julie Kronstrøm Carton
CoFounder, Chief Purpose Officer and Director of MATE.BIKE International. Julie has an academic background as an Associate Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, just as she has worked with urban development, design thinking for strategic innovation and sustainable solutions. Julie is also a passionate everyday biking enthusiast. In 2016 she founded MATE.BIKE with her brother Christian Adel Michael. MATE.BIKE has quickly established itself as one of the most disruptive and fastest-growing companies in the ebike industry. With a new interpretation of personal mobility and biking and modern lifestyle, they have created a feature-packed, flexible, and foldable ebike. They ran two very successful crowdfunding campaigns. Raising more than USD 29M and selling more than 22.000 MATEs to 70+ countries. 
Le Berre
Experience in international trade, intercultural business development and project management Director of Commerce and Operations at Pragma Industries. The producer of Hydrogen e-bikes. Pragma has been developing and producing hydrogen fuel cell modules for 15 years,providing reliable, lightweight and powerful power supply solutions.In recent years, we have developed consumer products incorporating Pragma Industries fuel cells. By providing an alternative to traditional battery-powered systems, we are improving the experience of battery-powered devices.
CEO of LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions, Monique Harmsen is an experienced consultant and trainer in the area of international business development, export marketing and trade promotion. She has helped numerous SME companies all over the world in developing their export strategies to be more successful in the international arena. Her latest passion is to create liveable, sustainable and smart cities with LUMIGUIDE, a young company specialised in applying the latest technological and software applications to solve smart mobility challenges. The company became famous for developing and implementing the world’s first Bicycle Route Information System and offers various high-end solutions in the area of smart parking, urban mobility and data management. Monique is regularly invited to speak about their solutions at international smart mobility related conferences.
Stefan (Ebike Steve) is developing and testing business models for mass customization of e-bikes production, sales, and service. He studied electrical engineering, mechatronics and worked in automotive, wood and heavy industry on different technical and management positions. As a formal mountain bike racer and member of the National Downhill Team was racing also on the World Championships. From the year 2009, he works with e-bikes because he thinks they are completely changing the way we ride, and it's never going back again. He is a certified e-bike and pedelec expert. He has worked on projects as World's first 3D printed e-bike. His company is leading the Slovak e-bike market and testing the new sales and services concepts. 
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