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Ebike Future Con 2022 – Day 1, Sessions 1-5

  • Stefan Ceman, Ebike Steve: Opening and Introduction
  • ​David Reed, SMC: What’s Needed From the Public and Private Sector to – Sustain the Growth of E-Bikes
  • ​Rodrigo Oliveira, Green Mining: Riding for Circular Economy
  • ​Adam Micklin, Accelerated Systems: Your Brand, Your Ride, Your Way. Creating the Ride Synonymous With Your Brand
  • ​Stefano Niero, Wunder Mobility: The new star in shared mobility – the eBike

Ebike Future Con 2022 – Day 1, Sessions 6-11

  • Morten Rynning, CityQ: How to downsize cars into ebikes – to replace car traffic
  • ​Joshua Hon, Tern: Commercial Logistics and Cargo Bikes
  • ​J. Smith & J. Bonneville, Velco: Connectivity, what opportunities for ebike brands?
  • ​Andrew Fleury, Luna: How Computer Vision Will Help Ensure A Safe Future For The E-Bike Industry
  • ​R. Sreenivasan & A. Hamberger, Blitzz: The Future of Ebike Maintenance and Customer Service: app-free, stress-free & remote
  • ​Rahul Malhotra, Shell: Powering Progress Via E-micromobility

Ebike Future Con 2022 – Day 1, Sessions 12-17

  • ​R. Brown & K. Davis, CCSAA: State of the US E-Bike Market and The Opportunities with Cross Country Ski Areas
  • ​Susan Gautsch, FreeToRoam: From Higher Ed to Higher Calling: How & Why I Started an eBike Business
  • ​Jürgen Sahtel, Atom Mobility: How to launch your shared mobility business in 20 days – best practices from opening 140+ locations worldwide
  • ​Roland Riedel, Brose: Brose E-Bike Facts and Vision
  • ​The Inja, The Inja: I Tested 44 E–bikes, and Here’s What Makes Them Suck
  • ​Stefan Ceman, Ebike Steve: Launch of Expo & Networking

Bastian Dietz & Hans-Peter Kleebinder & Asbjoerk S. Mogensen & Bertrand Barré
eBike Market Predictions – Who Will Dominate The Scene In The Upcoming Years?

The ebike market is booming, and new players are attracted to the scene. Who will bring it up next level? How can automotive, motorcycle, or other industries’ approaches impact this growing industry positively for all participants involved (including consumers)? How will this affect the existing industry? We’ll discuss these questions with three professionals from various backgrounds!

Ryan Citron
5 Big E-bike Trends for the Future
How e-bikes are disrupting the traditional bike industry.

Joshua Hon
Commercial Logistics and Cargo Bikes
11 reasons to make the switch from vans to bikes

Michael Mueller
V-frames: Fully-automated production of Carbon Composite frames in 90 seconds in Germany will change the frame production industry
Cutting-edge European injection molding technology allows creating the world’s most environmentally friendly 100% recyclable bike frames with a 50% reduction of CO2 footprint, capable of just-in-time production anywhere in the world.

Andrew Fleury
How Computer Vision Will Help Ensure A Safe Future For The E-Bike Industry

Aplications of Computer Vision have soared in the past year. However, while many of these are far from fruition, in the micromobility space it is quickly becoming a frontline solution to control shared fleets with visual, irrefutable and real-time proof of location – keeping both riders and vulnerable pedestrians safer. Similar to ADAS for cars the benefits are enormous – from vehicle detection & classification to situational awareness and theft prevention. Andrew will give an overview on the kinds of ebike use cases that could benefit from smart camera technology.

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose
The radical digital transformation of ROSE Bikes
The development of ROSE from a stationary retailer to the digital leader in the bike industry and how ROSE manages the radical changes which are neccessary to constantly transform the business.

Mael Bosson & Jean-Rene Bouvier
How Revolutionary Software Is Changing The Electric Bike Industry
eBikeOS is the first operating system dedicated to urban e-bikes. It features an embedded AI that reduces and enhances hardware components with software. As a result, e-bikes require less maintenance, are more reliable, cost-effective, provide a better user experience, and foster innovation.

Niklas Etzel & Aaron Powell
Social Proof in Action: Shark Tank brand turned its existing customers into its most valuable asset
Hear how Aaron Powell from Bunch Bike started connecting his undecided shoppers with existing customers to create a die-hard community, an increase in conversions, and a way to test his bikes nearly anywhere.

The Inja

I Tested 44 E–bikes, and Here’s What Makes Them Suck

The E–Bike market is becoming saturated with a bunch of cheaply-made bikes shoved into the marketplace by no-name brands that will disappear 2 months later. Tons of quality control issues. Brake issues. Motor issues. Damaged packaging issues. Most E–Bikes use the same components across brands and makes/models, so let’s talk about how to make an affordable bike that doesn’t suck in some regard, and how to set realistic expectations for real-world usage specs in your marketing. This presentation clearly explains what the average consumer wants…. and wants to know before clicking “Add to Cart” and “Proceed to Checkout”.

Alex Hamberger


If you joined us yesterday, the team from Blitzz – Visual Remote Assistant Platform discussed how companies like BMW, Rogers Communications, Renting Colombia, and many more use remote visual assistance to enhance their customer experience. Today, we have a chance to see Blitzz in action with an eBike. Follow along as Alex Hamberger (Blitzz’s Director of Strategic Accounts) shows both what you see, as well as what your customer sees at every step of these interactions.

Duilly Cicarini

Smart Serial Numbers: A game changer in the bicycle industry

How does the digitalization of serial numbers help brands know their customers, trace product lifecycle, fight sensitive issues like counterfeiting, and even more?

Angelos Chatziangelidis

Automotive Engineer Student with Powertrain and Business Management Specialisation

Ibrahim Jilani

Global Director & Industry Leader for Consumer Technology at UL Solutions