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Listen to the Ebike Future: The Official Ebike Future Conference 2023 Audiobook! Embark on an auditory journey through the forefront of e-bike technology and innovation with the official audiobook of the Ebike Future Conference 2023. This comprehensive recording captures every presentation from the event. Whether you’re an e-bike industry professional, enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of ebike business and technology, this audiobook is for you.



What You’ll Get:

  • Instant Access to the Official Recording of all sessions
  • Expert insights from leading figures in the e-bike industry in mp3 format

Tune in and power up your knowledge as you listen to the voices shaping the future of e-bikes. Perfect for listening on the go, this audiobook is an essential resource for anyone passionate about the evolving world of electric bicycles.

Get Your Copy Now and Join the E-Bike Revolution!

You will get instant access to the recording of these fantastic keynotes: 

  • Stefan Ceman: Opening and Introduction
  • Bob Margevicius: Navigating the E-Bike Revolution: Exploring Global Market Trends and Values-Driven Opportunities
  • Angela Zheng: Trailblazing Women in eBikes: Fostering Diversity and Sustainability boom
  • Chris Bruntlett: E-Bikes: The Great Equalizer
  • Hannes Neupert: Dirty Pedelec Mobility – How to make it fully green?
  • Daniela Leveratto: Looking into the future of bikes from the regulatory perspective
  • Gabe Klein: Integrating E-Mobility: Federal Strategies and Local Innovation
  • Jaspal Singh: Beyond the Hype: Navigating The Evolving Global Micromobility Landscape
  • Ksenia Proka: From Concept to Execution: Launching an E-Bike Rental for Delivery Workers in New York
  • Aigars Lauzis: BeTriton – a revolution in sustainable travel!
  • Louis P. Huard: Cycling in the age of Software-Defined Vehicles
  • Johnny Smith & Benjamin Morliere: How will connectivity boost the US e-bike market?
  • Sven Bernhardt: The digital transformation of the traditional bike industry – where to next?
  • Matyas Kurta: Connected e-bike for a safer and better cycling experience
  • Chihhao Lien: UL 2849 – Experience sharing about the application process
  • Batuhan Aydin: The incredible effects of subscription based business models on sustainability
  • Laura Frank Barnard: Panel Discussion: eBike Evolution: Insights from Brand Leaders, Retail Veterans, and Influencers
  • Don DiCostanzo: Throttles – The History, the Why and the Future
  • Mitch Hackleman: eBike Evolution: Insights from Brand Leaders, Retail Veterans, and Influencers
  • David George: Gearing Up for the Unexpected: The Vital Role of Insurance in the Lifetime Experience for Bike Brands
  • Dave Andre: Why we need Ebike laws and regulations
  • Jeff Nelson: Fashioning Fitness: The Intersection of Style and eBikes
  • Jiri Duzar: Is Customization Finally Reaching an Everyday Cyclist?
  • Sean Hacking: The five hidden dangers ruining your vehicle development process
  • Bern Grush: How will e-bikes and robots co-exist?
  • Stefan Ytterborn: Revolutionizing Mobility: A Conversation with Stefan Ytterborn

For complete information about these sessions, please check out our conference Playbook: