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Ebike Future Conference 2023: The Ultimate Video Collection! Dive into the dynamic world of the electric bike business and technology with the official video collection of the Ebike Future Conference 2023! This exclusive compilation brings you face-to-face with industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers. Experience every moment, from groundbreaking presentations to in-depth discussions, all captured on video.



What’s Inside? Instant acces to: 

  • Engaging keynote speeches.
  • Insightful panel discussions.
  • Innovative product showcases.
  • In-depth analyses of market trends and technologies.

Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, these videos offer a front-row seat to the latest advancements and discussions in the e-bike industry. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve or simply share in the excitement of this burgeoning field, these recordings are an invaluable resource.

Access the Full Video Collection Now and Gear Up for an Electrifying Experience!

What you get:

  • FULL Access to All Video Presentations
  • Replay ​Pass to All Presentations – until January 10th – so you can watch during the Holidays
  • ​MP3 Audio Book of the Conference
  • ​Email Support
  • ​BONUS: Instant Access to 30 Special Presentations from Ebike Future Conference 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 – 8 Hours of Great On-Demand Content

You will get instant access to the recording of these fantastic keynotes: 

  • Stefan Ceman: Opening and Introduction
  • Bob Margevicius: Navigating the E-Bike Revolution: Exploring Global Market Trends and Values-Driven Opportunities
  • Angela Zheng: Trailblazing Women in eBikes: Fostering Diversity and Sustainability boom
  • Chris Bruntlett: E-Bikes: The Great Equalizer
  • Hannes Neupert: Dirty Pedelec Mobility – How to make it fully green?
  • Daniela Leveratto: Looking into the future of bikes from the regulatory perspective
  • Gabe Klein: Integrating E-Mobility: Federal Strategies and Local Innovation
  • Jaspal Singh: Beyond the Hype: Navigating The Evolving Global Micromobility Landscape
  • Ksenia Proka: From Concept to Execution: Launching an E-Bike Rental for Delivery Workers in New York
  • Aigars Lauzis: BeTriton – a revolution in sustainable travel!
  • Louis P. Huard: Cycling in the age of Software-Defined Vehicles
  • Johnny Smith & Benjamin Morliere: How will connectivity boost the US e-bike market?
  • Sven Bernhardt: The digital transformation of the traditional bike industry – where to next?
  • Matyas Kurta: Connected e-bike for a safer and better cycling experience
  • Chihhao Lien: UL 2849 – Experience sharing about the application process
  • Batuhan Aydin: The incredible effects of subscription based business models on sustainability
  • Laura Frank Barnard: Panel Discussion: eBike Evolution: Insights from Brand Leaders, Retail Veterans, and Influencers
  • Don DiCostanzo: Throttles – The History, the Why and the Future
  • Mitch Hackleman: eBike Evolution: Insights from Brand Leaders, Retail Veterans, and Influencers
  • David George: Gearing Up for the Unexpected: The Vital Role of Insurance in the Lifetime Experience for Bike Brands
  • Dave Andre: Why we need Ebike laws and regulations
  • Jeff Nelson: Fashioning Fitness: The Intersection of Style and eBikes
  • Jiri Duzar: Is Customization Finally Reaching an Everyday Cyclist?
  • Sean Hacking: The five hidden dangers ruining your vehicle development process
  • Bern Grush: How will e-bikes and robots co-exist?
  • Stefan Ytterborn: Revolutionizing Mobility: A Conversation with Stefan Ytterborn

For complete information about these sessions, please check out our conference Playbook: