2024 Sponsorship Package – Silver Partner

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🔥 Black Friday Special! 🔥 Silver Partner Sponsorship Package: Elevate Your Brand at the Ebike Future Conference 2024 and support this great event. Act fast to seize this incredible opportunity as a Silver Partner! Join the elite few at the forefront of the e-bike industry. Our exclusive Black Friday offer ensures massive visibility and impact for your brand. But hurry, it’s first come first serve, and this deal is limited to only 10 companies. Grab it now before it’s gone! 💥




Your Benefits:

  • Prominent Brand Display: Your logo will be prominently positioned on the main stage and within the expo area.
  • Super Booth: Get a prime location for your super booth in the expo, enhancing your brand’s exposure.
  • Conference Guide Presence: Your logo and link will feature in the conference guide, reaching a wide audience.
  • Extra Premium Passes: Receive 10 additional premium passes for your team or clients.
  • Dedicated Marketing: Benefit from a dedicated social media post, a ¼ page advertisement in the conference guide, and your logo in the post-event official video.
  • Official Listings: Your brand will be listed on the sponsor page and event schedule.

Showcase your company as a key player in the e-bike industry with this prestigious sponsorship package​

Limited to 10 Partners         

  • Your Logo in all conference materials 
  • Silver Position on Main Stage
  • Super Booth Included 
  • Partner Position of Super Booth in the Expo
  • Logo and Link in Conference Guide (Playbook) 
  • 10 Extra Premium Passes 
  • Sponsor Page Listing
  • Schedule Listing
  • Logo in after-event Official Video
  • Dedicated Social Post
  • Advertisement ¼ Page in Conference Guide (Playbook)

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